CasAmerica Marine specializes in the development of oil & gas – marine supply channels, and provisions a large array of goods including food & beverage, health, beauty & wellness, OTC, snacks, confectionery, first aid, cleaning, paper, and above-deck supplies.CasAmerica Marine is FDA registered and incorporated in the State of Florida.

We are compliant with US Flag Vessel requirements as well as World Health Organization requirements. CasAmerica principally supplies working crews on Southeastern Coastal U.S. waters, the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore Atlantic.
Taking advantage of its existing commercial relationships, CasAmerica Marine supply has excelled at developing an infrastructure of operational excellence, supported by efficiencies in pricing, logistics, and information support. Our success is based on our aggressive pricing strategy, where our goods are discounted sufficiently to offset the extreme costs of provisioning high-risk maritime channels throughout the region.

With the strategic location of our facility, we are ideally situated to service the region. Reach and frequency of supply in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is enhanced by our geographic location and proximity to the Panama Canal shipping lanes.