Marine Supply

Our supply channels and services!

CasAmerica Marine is uniquely located in the Miami Free Zone and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are the premier consumer product supplier of offshore oil drilling and exploration rigs and ship chandlers whose principal focus is on the provisions, food & beverage, bonded stores, steward, cabin, above and below deck supplies to the major shipping lanes of Southern, Eastern, Gulf and Caribbean waters. CasAmerica Marine specializes in the development of oil & gas – marine supply channels, and provisions a large array of goods including food & beverage, health & beauty, household, OTC, snacks, first aid, confectionery, cleaning, paper, and above-deck supplies. We are compliant with US Flag Vessel requirements as well as World Health Organization requirements.

CasAmerica Marine principally supplies crews on the waters of the South-southeastern Coastal U.S. in addition to the Gulf and the Caribbean Sea. The majority of our products are distributed to drilling ships, petroleum tankers, liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers, oil exploration vessels, oil & gas platforms, and combination ore/bulk/oil carriers, regional cargo vessels (container, reefer, dry bulk, vehicle, ore, cement, livestock, breakbulk), tug and barge, ferry, chemical, hospital ships, produce carriers, fishing fleets, canal chandelling, feeder ships, salvage and oceanographic vessels. In addition to our direct key accounts, CasAmerica Marine is master distributor to the principal ship chandlers in the region who in turn service smaller maritime accounts. CasAmerica Marine is a division of CasAmerica International Inc. founded in 1995.